The Standard M-class Enforcer model is the main warship used in the Gerian military. The ship was designed and manufactured by the galactic spacecraft-creating tycoon, Ea Varen. It is a heavy warship focusing mainly on defense.

The interior of the SM Enforcer is 1,900 meters long, 500 meters wide, and 450 meters high. The exterior (including all extrusions at their most extended positions) is about 2,000 meters long, 550 meters wide, and 525 meters high.

The ship has three decks. The top deck contains all the crew members' quarters. The middle, and largest, deck contains information and battlement centers, as well as most of the guns on the ship. The entire lower deck contains powering mechanisms for the larger guns, as well as the main frontal cannon.

While the SM Enforcer is largely lacking in speed, it makes up for it in firepower, trading greater quantities of smaller guns for fewer large ones. It has 20 accelerated plasma cannons on each of its sides. Each cannon can only fire up to 120 rounds per minute, but the plasma is devastating to unprotected ship hulls. The ship also has 4 photon beam cannons, which energize photons before expectorating them from the cannon's barrel. The guns cannot yet generate enough photons for a consistent beam, just a concentrated blast, so the cannons are extremely ineffective against ships themselves. However, the bursts are perfect for debilitating and destroying energy shields, which is their primary purpose at the moment.

The ship also has an entirely computer-controlled energy cannon mounted on its nose, which can only be operated by the pilot through the control room. The cannon is powered by the energy formed through nuclear fission on the lower deck. The energy is synthesized with an electrically charged plasmoid substance, and channeled through the extra long barrel to prevent misfiring. Captains are instructed to only give the order to fire under desperate circumstances, as all fission energy is used upon firing. The only way to fire the gun again is to land at a Gerian base and refuel the nuclear materials into the ship. The energy beam, while extremely accurate, is not accelerated to the point where it could hit a fast-moving target easily. It is often used only on stationary targets for this reason.

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