Vanvlak Industries is a Mars-based, Human-run engineering firm that was started in the mid-25th century. It is a major producer of ships, arms, robots and other military equipment; as well as a smaller assortment of civilian appliances.


In 2449, a man named Ernest Vanvlak started a company that was rather narcisisticly named after him. It produced small arms, slightly larger cannons, and shower curtains (for some odd reason).

In 2477, Vanvlak began producing small civilian craft meant for interplanetary transit (as they didn;t yet have access to the wormhole-engine technology). They also ended up making freighters, and so they set up their ship factory on Mars (lower gravity makes ship-building far more economical).

In 2504, They finally got permission to build ships that could travel through subspace; which they began doing immediately (they built a second Mars factory for these). At that time, they also began building smaller fighters for the fledgeling space branch of the human government.

In 2552, they began producing larger ships. Battleships, cruisers, cruise liners, etc. By then, the entire company was relocated to Mars (which was being terraformed).

In 2574, they established the city of New New Amsterdam on the newly-terraformed Mars; which would eventually become the capitol.

By 2600, they were the third-largest contractor in the Human government's employ, and due to move up a rung in the next few years.

In 2620, they extablished a factory on Pluto (even less gravity, but no hope of terraforming), and built a Wormhole Gate back in orbit around Mars.

Today, in 2650, they remain a massive firm, although still only number three.

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