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Valhalla is the Nordic Federation "homeworld." In itself Valhalla is very young, life on the planet has only developed to small plants and some forests in select areas.


The vast majority of Valhalla is a giant plain, life being young on the planet most animal life is sea based land animals have yet to surface. These plains are avst, often stretchign across entire continents, small forests have been seen but for the most part the lains are only rivaled by massive deserts near the equator. Huge swaths of green algea in the oceans provide the oxygene the planet would otherwise, giving the oceans a green tint in some places. Mountians stick up in many areas, a sign of geological activitey on Valhalla, this was noted when settles set up their cities in the most stable region dubbed "New Scandanavia."


Valhalla is much differnt than earth, there is rarely snow on the planet as rains take up their role entirely. In the north it is usually flooded as the rains stop only after solid weeks. By the equator conditions are ungodly hot, deserts and mountians are all that resides there. Only two bands in the North and South are considered nice living conditions, they are always warm and recive an occasional rian, with an inflex in some seasons. The Northern band was the one settled.


Valhalla is incredibally rich in many metals, the most notable is Lanarium with has unique properties useful for building space ships and electronics. Valhalla is a miners dream, but mining is regulated to areas far away from the cities, in the bad zones known as the Rain Zone and the Dry Zone.