The UTDU is a highly advanced nation. Though they may be small in number, the UTDU is almost unmatched by other human factions in terms of technology. They make frequent use of mobile wormhole generators in their ships, including even the smallest of their craft, most of which usually utilize railguns, EMP torpedoes, Warp Missiles, or Subatomic disruptors as weapons.

Railguns/Gauss Cannons (Space): One of the few kinetic weapons still utilized by the UTDU, these weapons fire solid projectiles along magnetic rails utilizing immense amounts of energy, and are highly effective at penetrating armor. They also usually have an extremely high rate of fire, as no part of the shell is left behind.

Nuclear WeaponsEdit

Type I SSGM: A small nuclear missile, common in most smaller UTDU spacecraft, such as frigates and patrol craft. They hold four 56kt MaRVs each. They can be deployed against both ground and space-based targets from spacecraft

Type II SSGM: One of the largest nuclear weapons in the UTDU arsenal, and are rarely ever used due to their massive 75 mt payload. Although they can be used in space-based combat, their immense power relegates them to a Space-ground role.

Type III SSGM: A common appearance on larger UTDU ships, the Type III SSG carries a 15 mt warhead, which can also be deployed in the form of three 5 mt MIRVs.

Type IV APSSGM: A common sight of most intermediate sized UTDU ships, the Type IV SSG carries a single 5 mt warhead, tipped with quadrotanium in order to pierce armor.

Death's Hand SGM: The largest nuclear weapon in the UTDU arsenal, the immense Death's hand carries four 50 mt MaRVs within it's tip. There are currently only twelve of these weapons in existence, four on each of the three North American class spacecraft in the UTDU arsenal.

EMP Missiles (Space): EMP torpedos are commonly used in UTDU support craft and some larger spacecraft as a means to disable enemy ships, ground based defenses, and weapons. Their EMP blasts can usually be halted by several feet of armor, or Faraday-cage like designs.

Energy WeaponsEdit

Subatomic Disruptors (Space/ground): Subatomic Disruptors do exactly what their name states. They are highly destructive, able to dismantle many materials at a subatomic level.They require an immense amount of energy to fire, and thusly must be powered by their own energy cells and reactors to fire.

"Nightmare" Torpedos: Nightmare torpedos are aptly named. Upon detonation, they release an intense burst of plasma and radiation upon their target, which is able to melt through most armors known to the UTDU. They are especially intensely painful to anything living, for if anything survives their searing plasma, they would most likely be mutated and killed by gamma radiation.

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