The ESS DO You Feel Lucky is the current flagship of Earth's fleets. It is a large ship, complete with 50 gigawatt reactor.


The Do You Feel Lucky is a combination of a dreadnought and a laser cruiser. At 3,25km long, 300m wide, and thee decks, it has a crew of 1 450, a 14-gigawatt reactor, four PHASE drives, and 10m of layered composite and Vanadium-titanium plating.

It's weaponry consits of:

1st deck: 30 point-defence systems, 7 200mm (seven 200m guns, not one 7,2m gun) howitzers on each side (CAN be used for orbital bombardment, but since the ship is rarely present at invasions, it hasn't been tested yet).

2nd deck: 20 1000-joule laser batteries (six lasers to a battery) on each side, plus the MAC gun.

3rd Deck: 200 rail batteries (2 guns/battery), with 75 on each side, 30 in front, 20 in back. Also, the other 30 defence lasers.

The other two ships (destroyed)Edit

There used two other ships in the 'Titan' category, but while being refitted at the shipyards in orbit around Sigma IV; a lazy engineer, coupled with a surprise attack by a certain rebel faction, destroyed the other two. They were the ESS Oblivion, and the ESS Keyes. Replacements will be finished in about 200 years.

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