Testudine (Mechanicus Industria)== Testudine are somewhat humanoid robots created by human engineering firm Vanvlak Industries as a cheaper way of building spaceships in space (so they didn't have to waste rocket fuel getting the things in the air, once they had been assembled on the ground).

Sine their inception in the early 2500's, Testudine have since replaced humans for Vanvlak's construction force, although they have yet to replace any lower-level managers.


Testudine are 1.5-metre tall white robots that would have the exact same profile as a human if they didn't have eight arms. Each arm is designed to carry a power tool, whether that means a drill, nailgun, buzzsaw, welding equipment or any other kind of powertool. Said hands are specifically designed so that no matter how much they tried, they could not carry a human weapon.

Their heads have two cameras, providing sight, and a radio tranciever to recieve orders. They are coated in while plastic, and have a fairly low number of protruding wires. Their joints are exposed for better mobility.


Testudine are made so that they only have the limited mental facilities required to figure out how to assemble things (that they have the blueprints for) without human instruction. As such, they have no free will, no hivemind capabilities, zero access to facility mainframes (they are controlled via radio instead of wifi); resulting in the lowest chance of rebellion possible.


Variant B1911: A two-armed edition armed with a taser. Even less AI functionality, and used as a gate guard.

Varaint C2300: Another two-armed variant still in the prototype phase. These are targeted to replace shipboard maintenance crews as soon as 2775.

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