2-PR Oblivion SM

The Turek & Qemia 2nd Plasma Rifle model, the Oblivion rifle, is a bullpup plasma-firing assault rifle, manufactured by the industrial Gerian arms manufacturer T&Q (Turek and Qemia). It is the standard model of assault rifle used in the Gerian Empire's military.


The standard 2-PR Oblivion is a compact, bullpup rifle with full automatic, burst, and semi-automatic fire as selective firing options. Its design is derived from the Earth-tech F2000 model. It uses accelerated gas capsules as ammo, and one clip of ammo can hold 30 capsules. Inside the gun, the capsule disintegrates, releasing the gas into the electron chamber. There, the gas is ionized and accelerated at a high speed through the barrel by a superconductor. The extremely hot and fast burst of plasma is effective at a range of up to 500 meters under normal Eranus conditions, more in hot environments and less in cold ones.


2-PR Oblivion RM



2-PR Oblivion HM

Two modified versions of the gun were later created by T&Q. The first, the 2-PR Oblivion RM (range model) was created for the purpose of attacking from a longer range. The gun could accurately hit at 1000 meters from its target. It was equipped with a more powerful superconductor, making the gun much heavier, and a longer barrel to account for the increased power of the acceleration. For these reasons, the gun was used as a support weapon rather than a replacement for the standard model. The second model, the 2-PR Oblivion HM (heavy model) was created as a more powerful automatic AR-LMG hybrid. It could hold 100 capsules compared to the normal 30. The HM was also much heavier than the standard model, and lacked its accuracy, so it as well failed to replace the existing model.W

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