A Strategic Cruiser is a large cruiser variant that can, if necessary, serve as either an assault ship or a planetary bombardment vessel.

Earth Human Strategic Cruiser vary in size, but are usually very large vessels, some (but few) being up to 1500m long, 400m wide. Core specifications vary greatly, but Earth human Cruisers almost always have four decks. The first deck is for the engines, the second for the broadside guns, the third as crew quarters and the top as the bridge, the other cannons, and the medical bay.

They are powered by two single-gigawatt reactors, are armored with 3m of Vanadium-steel plating, are moved by a PHASE drive, and have a standard mainframe to connect all the systems. Most Strategic Cruisers do not have an AI.

Armament is commonly swapped out when they switch commanders from admiral to admiral, but the only weapon that can't be removed without having to do massive amounts of renovations is the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (known more commonly as a gigantic Rail Gun) that runs down the entire middle of the second deck. Most Strategic Cruisers carry SPARROW missile pods on the second deck, but not all. The top and bottom decks are fitted with point-defence laser systems for blocking at least some of any incoming missiles.

They have several 125mm Howitzers (the minimum capable of being shot from in orbit and causing damage when it hits the ground); although due to awkward positioning, they cannot be shot while on the move.

They usually have one dropship bay, but larger variants can have multiple; ranging from one dropship, to several depending on their size.

Crew size varies greatly on the variant, but can usally carry a few thousand people.

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