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80 Meters long, 15 meters deep and 25 meters wide.

The destroyer ship of the zatrai fleets are perhaps one of the most feared ships seen in a zatrai fleet. Don't let the small size of these spaceships fool you, the demonic combination of incredible steaalth capabilities, small size and powerful weaponry make this ship indeed quite the destroyer.


The zatrai destroyer is 80 meters long, 25 meters wide and 15 meters deep. The ship holds only two passngers, a pilot and a gunner who mans the spreader gauss in the back. This is a ship often piloted by Dikuls and Arcteks.

The ship has four starburst cannons and a spreader gauss. Starburst cannons are specialized railgun-like weapons that shoot a large cylindar of hardened gel that is filled with liquid nitrogen at the front to allow for better penetration abilities and shoots at a good 10 miles per second (36,000 miles per hour). The spreader gauss has five narrowly spread gauss rounds shot at 240 spread shots a minute that go 1,900 miles per hour thanks to having 10 accelorators each cannon.

This ship uses 12 cyro engines, 10 placed in the back and two placed in the front aklong with 6 mini cyro engines placed on the bottom and top of the ship to enable very evasive manuvers. The ship when not in speed mode goes 28,000 miles per hours at maximum and double this speed when in speed mode.

The destroyer uses multiple special ocounter measures. The first counter measure is a inferance genorator that is manually activated used to scamble targetting computers into thinking there are more targets than there actually is and causes weapons to constantly misfire. The second countermeasure is a cloud of volitale gasses that obscure a large amount of the area around the ship enabling it to get away or attack from another angle.

The destroyer is made almost entirely of diamond and nanotubes that hold it together save for certain parts of the craft (like the pilot cabins or turrets/containers) which makes it very weak to kinetics, but resistant to plasma, lasers, lightning, ice based and acidic weaponry.


The ship is often used as a high-class command ship by the zatrai and doubles as a super fighter. It is often pitted against enemy counterparts of crusiers, destroyers and similarly sized vessels. They usually make up only 10% of a zatrai fleet and are like every zatrai ship used for ambushing hostiles unexpectedly than doing multiple hit and run attacks.

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