Series-7 Assault Rifle:Edit

The series-7 is the mainstay of the AU's ground troops. It uses the same technology as a rail gun to accelerate the rounds (to up to Mach 3). However, operators must wear goggles, because the plamsa trail could hurt their eyes.

It has a 30-round detachable box magazine that is loaded into the bottom of the gun. It can fire either semiauto or three-round-burst, and is battery-powered. Although it uses railgun tech, it still has a bit of recoil, so users must mind how high they're shooting.

It weighs 3.02 kilogrammes and has a 5 000-shot battery. It was first introduced in 2600, and is due to completely replace it's predecessor, the Series-6, by 2615. They are produced by Atax Securities, Inc. on Europa, Sol.

Type 33Z Designated Marksman's RifleEdit


Most platoons will have at least one person with this. The DMR is made for mid-to-long range combat, fires exclusively in semiauto mode, and shoots 5.56x50mm tungsten carbide rounds. It uses a 15-round detachable box magazine, and has a scope with 3x optical zoom capabilities. It, much like the Series-7, uses railgun technology to accelerate the iron-coated projectiles, with the DMR firing at Mach 5 instead of Mach 3. As such, it is considerably louder than the S-7. It has a 2 000-shot battery, and weighs 3.58 kilogrammes. They are made by Yawasaki Corp. on Charon, Sol.

Kalishnikov Mk. 14 Anti-Material RifleEdit

The Mk. 14 is a high-power, long-range rifle that uses railgun technology to accelerate iron-coated tungsten- carbide projectiles at a target. It has a maximum effective range of five kilometres, and fires at Mach 6. It weighs 4 kilogrammes, and has a scope capable of 5x , 10x and 15x optical zoom.

It uses a detachable 5-round box magazine, has a 1 500-shot battery, and is extraordinariy loud (due to the sonic boom). Internal dampners and low-mass projectiles keep recoil down. They are made by Kalishnikov, Inc. (subsidiary of Atax Securities, Inc.) on Jenova, Proxima Centauri.

V36-D MagnumEdit

The Magnum is the most common sidearm in the AU's military. It's small, still gas-operated, and takes some skill to fire. It has a 15-round slide magazine, and is accuate at up to 75 metres. It wieghs one kilogramme, and is made by Yawasaki on Europa.
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