Star, location Pentagon System
Planet Type Tropical-Temperate
Moon(s) None
Satellite(s) Lots of artificial ones, ranging from small geosatellites to space factories
Radius 6,096 kilometers
Day Length 21 hours 34 minutes
Year Length 287 days
Gravity 0.94g
Population 210 million humans
Controlled By Humans (Pentagon Protectorate)
Savarrah is the second closest planet to the sun in the Pentagon System. It was first discovered and colonised by the Pentagon Protectorate and serves as it's homeworld.


Savarrah is slightly smaller than Earth, having gravity force of 0.94g, but it's atmosphere is slightly thicker than the one of the human origin planet. Because of it's relative closeness to the sun it's warm, it's average temperature of all areas in all seasons being 21 degrees Celsius as compared to Earth's 15 degrees. As such, most of the planet's surface is covered in savanna and rainforests, with deserts near the equator and seasonal snow at the poles. The planet has two massive continents separated by massive water bodies, Arrval and Dragonland. 63% of the planet's surface is covered in water.


When the Protectorate colonists first arrived to the Pentagon System, Savarrah was a hot planet with it's oceans boiled into vapor circulating in the atmosphere and the only traces of liquid water being on the poles. However the colonists were prepared for such a thing. Using massive cryogenic cooling tanks the eleven colony ships were able to condense enough of the water vapour for constant heavy rain to occur and fill in the oceans over the course of a few years. This thinned the atmosphere enough for the planet to absorb less sunlight and retain it's new oceans.

The next step was life. Savarrah had too little oxygen in it's atmosphere to be habitable. The colonists solved this by introducing plantlife onto the surface, and animals after enough oxygen was produced. When the animal populations were strong enough, a special mutagenic gas was released into the air to speed up the animal metabolisms and evolution. Due to the very warm climate, reptiles soon dominated land and successfuly competed with fish in the oceans, and as such they gained strong respect among the people of the Protectorate who call them the Carriers of Life.

Not wanting to hurt the new thriving ecosystem and avoiding the hot sun and other numerous problems, the colonists built their cities under the surface, usually in the mountains.


Savarrah BITMAP

Satellite map of Savarrah

Arrval continentEdit

Arrval is a highly mountainous continent located in the eastern hemisphere. It's surface is evenely divided into temperate, savanna, desert and polar biomes. Most terrain is usually dry plains covered with short yellow or green grass and populated by snakes and their winged descendants the serpent flies. Arvall hosts all the human population of the planet, most notably in the capital Hevan and the Postut metropolis.

Dragonland continentEdit

Dragonland is composed mostly of savannas and wetlands, though it has some deserts on the equator. The continent is uninhabited by humans, but many expeditions were lead there in the first fifty years of colonisation. The continent earned it's name from the unique fauna that evolved here, more precisely the Savarrah Dragon, a fairly intelligent flying beast hunting in packs, treated with an almost worship-like attitude by the Savarrans.

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