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It is the big black dot at the center of the galaxy.

Sagittarius-A is the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy. This black hole is responsible for keeping our galaxy together can causing the rotations of the galaxy. At a massive hundreds of billions of solar masses, Sagitarius-A is by far the most dense object in the entire galaxy. Due to its incredible promenience in the milky way galaxy, multiple alien races (including cultists from even secular interstellar civilizations) view it in some ways to be god due to the fact without the object, the milky way would not be the way it is today or possibly even not exist.

This black hole is a natural thing in the universe and was most likely created when one of the first stars in this reigon went super novae and started to rapidly gain mass and density until the whole reigon around it started to orbit it making the milky way galaxy.

The many names of this supermassive black holeEdit

  • Sagittarius-A: Name given to it by human scientists. However the name was initially given to the reigon at the center of the galaxy with the super massive black hole residing in the Sagittarius-A* reigon of the center of the galaxy.

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The Sagittarius-A "System"Edit

The Sagittarius-A system interestingly enough is much like a star system only with stars orbiting a supermassive black hole instead of planets orbiting stars. Due to this reigon of space having yet to be explored, there are no named stars and thus no explainations behind any of them except that a good share of these stars are massive.

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The sagittarius-A* System.

Most of the stars in this system have eliptical orbits and all the notable stars are class A or class B stars, or blue stars and somewhat bigger blue stars. Due to this scale of this system also being nebulaic in scale, the wormhole paths still exist. Due to this being a system with a black hole in it, paths that intersect the black hole are marked red due to the fact going into the black hole is pretty much death.

The paths in this system move with the orbits and sometimes if a path intersects a black hole than that path is rendered unusable. Timing is key if you want to trasverse this globular cluster at the center of the galaxy.

Be careful!

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