Currently the largest ship class available to the UTDU, the North American class of spacecraft is able to tear apart entire spacefleets and support massive invasions with it's immense arsenal, all powered by a 1.0 terrawatt Cold Fusion "Solar" class reactor.


Weapons: 35x Type I Nuclear missile tubes

12x subatomic disruptor banks

45x Subatomic disruptor double-gun pulse turrets

6x Death's Hand 200mt MIRV WMD

8x Type II 75mt WMD

18x Pulse variant warp beam banks

40x Standard railguns

1x "Reaper" class Antiproton beam cannon


Decks 2 & 3 - 8x long-range electronic jammers, 10m Quadrotanium composite armor, 30x Point Defense batteries (XXI Class)

Decks 1 & 4 - 12x long-range electronic jammers, 12m Quadrotanium composite armor, 45x Point defense batteries (XXI Class)


AI - 200 yottabyte hard drive, 124 yottaflops computing power, 10x 42 YHz processing power, 24 yottabytes RAM, Advanced Electronic Warfare and Defense Mod Type XXIV

Engines: Two (max warp 12) Warp Cores, 1x Advanced Wormhole Drive

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