Point Jump is a space station in the the Pentagon System, orbiting the system star between planets Savarrah and Ptelar. It belongs to the Pentagon Protectorate and is used to initiate mini-dimension jumps.


When the Protectorate was in it's beginnings, interdimensional wormholes required too much energy for all but the largest spacecraft to be able to open them on their own. A large space station later named Point Jump was built, having powerful enough generators to be able to open any wormhole whenever one was needed. As technology improved, small ships were eventually fitted with systems more powerful than the ones found on Point Jump. At this point a large number of accidents was noted in the interdimensional travel; many drones crashed into the asteroid belts when returning from the mini-dimension due to coordinate imprecision issues.

It was decided the obsolete space station would be repurposed to compute and send waypoints to ships that need to navigate the mini-dimension. Several massive blocks of supercomputers were added to the station along with a modernisation of the station power source. The new systems proved very successful in providing waypoints to the ships, with the number of crashes lowering to a fraction in over the next decade.


Point Jump draws power from the orbital power system of the Protectorate. It was designed to count with every relevant space phenomena and is constantly updated as new knowledge becomes available. It is already sophisticated enough to be able to pinpoint the right location with accuracy in milimeters and is quite able to navigate the ships to any part of the target solar system at will. It also provides waypoints back to the Pentagon System, a needed feature because uncareful interdimensional jump can very likely result in a collision with an asteroid.

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