The Pentagon System is a solar system in the Orion Nebula. It serves as home to the Pentagon Protectorate.

Picture 507

The pentagon System's impressive set of asteroid rings


The Pentagon System was first discovered by a human colonist expedition that got stranded in the mini-dimension. The colonists settled in the system and eventually found the Pentagon Protectorate there. As they were the first to arrive to the system, it was them who named the everything in the system as well as the system itself.

The name "Pentagon System" comes from the shape the planets were in when the colonists first entered the system.



The sun of the Pentagon System is called Aman. It is a class B star, bluish white in color.
Picture 506

The system itself along with the comet


There are five planets in the system:

Other objectsEdit

There are several asteroid belts in the system as well as a comet that orbits Aman every 37 years.

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