The Orion Nebula as humans call it is a diffuse nebula found in the (similarly named by humans) Orion arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Orion Nebula is home to a varied amount of stars, but mostly Yellow Dwarf stars or Blue stars with some brown dwarves inbetween. Most of the stars are still main-sequenced except for two of them which are at risk of supernovae'ing in a few thousand years. About 31 stars have been considered notable by various races and factions.
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The Orion nebula, due to being a stellar nursery has a higher than average amount of blue stars and young stars most of which still have proto-planetary disks with barely any planets at all (let alone any that support life).

Being the nebula holding the human homeworld of earth this is home to not only earth humans, but multiple splinter factions of earth humans including the Pentagon Protectorate.

Due to the human dominace of this nebula, aliens aren't a common force found in the nebula with only a few colony worlds at best.

Star System ListEdit

The following star systems can be found here:

  • Roogus System - yellow dwarf star/B-class star. Location of pirate's Den
  • Solar System - yellow dwarf star. Human Home world
  • Pentagon System - B-class star. The home system of the pentagon protectorate

There is most likely (if not certainly) many more star systems with notable aspects about them.

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