Marty Stu as fuck

Nubite (I just use naratau as a reference pic since I can't draw)

The nubites are a super awesome alien race with the ability to shoot particle beams out of their eyes and are all about peace throughout the entire galaxy and they will free the galaxy of the evil Zatrai, Machweik, Gerian and more but like humans because humans are cool. They are small and look a lot like narato from naruto (not that they are actually naratau, they just look a lot like him okay and allso they are super laien so shut up because while they look like humans full grown they are like squids when a baby and are super cute baby squids.


The Nubite were a race that was bullied by the machweik who is ran by a big douche bag who makes fun of the Nubites by mocking them so much and they shouldn't eveb be in the galaxy because they don't even do much besides shoot plasma and stuff so they are jerks and no one likes them anyways, same with the zatrai and gerians who all make fun of them and call them names so the Nubite, feeling powerless research magic and start using magic in their arsenals. They use quantum magic which can destroy everything even the god complex in one charged blast but it is balanced by them having to meditate before using it.

The machweik keep on mocking them so they punched a machweik in the face because machweik are jerks and use their particle beam eyes to kill his accomplices because they are jerks too. They also used their magic to detsroy a bunch of zatrais and gerians because no one likes them either. The also use the best spaceships ever, better than anyone else's because they are magic space ships.


The Nubite government is a perfect utopia that every race wishes they were a part of because it is a super magical government where everyone can live forever and no one dies so they are super ancient as well. They are going to make the entire galaxy a happy place once they get rid of all the evil aliens and everyone loves the Nubite race and if you don't your just jealous that the race is better than yours.

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