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Nordic Stun Weapons are non-lethal weapons that overload an organic system with electriciy, overwhelming connections to the brain. Nordic Stun Weapons can incapacitate targets or even knock them unconscious depending on the species.


H-46 a larger Stun Weapon

The H-46 is the primary stun weapon in use with the Nordic Federation. It is often used by Military Police and civilian law enforcement. Typically used on ships patrolling the Black Cluster.

It fires a long spool of electrified wires invisible to the naked eye, despite the fact that hundreds of wires are ejected. These wires conduct electricity with extreme efficiency and entangle the target. Five seconds after firing a battery is turned on and the wires are electrified, rendering the target without muscle control or unconcious. The battery is ejected out a small hole under the barrel when its charge is depleted after about thirty-five seconds of powering the wires. The H-46 carries twelve sets of wires and batteries.


An H-47

A more compact version of th H-46, the H-47 is often used by special forces for capturing a target without killing it. Usually seen as impractical due to it's ammo capacity, firing only one set of wires.