The Nordic Heavy Fighter is posessed by all Nordic Cruisers which house 5 in each bay. The Nordic Heavy Fighter is used as a first strike attack vessel, to counter enemy fighters. It houses a crew of two.

Hull and Countermeasures.Edit

The Nordic Heavy Fighter uses a steel lanarium alloy hull. The fighter is 3 meters long and 9 meters from wing tip to wing tip. The Heavy Fighter posesses electronic warfare capabilites, jamming enemy rockets and interfereing with nessesary communications.


The Nordic Heavy Fighter uses one railgun on its bottom and four mounted missiles to deal with threats, the heavy fighter is capable of carrying a nuclear weapon with some modifications, this is noted but has never been tested.

Technical systemsEdit

The Nordic Heavy Fighter posesses inertial dampeners to mak it mroe effective while pulling heavy G's in atmosphereic conditions.

Sub Light PropulsionEdit

The Nordic Heavy Fighter uses a smaller version of the ion sub light engines on the Nordic Cruiser.

Power SourceEdit

One fuel cell.

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