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The Nordic Exploration Vessel or NEV is a long range deep space vessel intended to plot jumps into unknown areas and chart findings. Recently they have been built and bought by private companys and the government at an astonishing rate.

Hull and Countermeasures

The NEV uses a Lanarium hull with a composite armour plateing 3 meters thick. The NEV is 465 meters long 225 meters wide at the widest point and 100 meters in depth. The lanarium itself is extremely effective at neutralizing lasers as it has the ability to absorb a large amount of energy and radiation harmlessly. There are 900 countermeasure guns are positioned on the ship, when detecting an incoming ballistic or asteroid threat they launch a small counter bomb that within a certian distance explodes in a shotgun blast towards the ballistic or asteroidthreat, neutralizing it. This is the ADS or Active Defense System.


One rail gun battey.

Technical Systems

The NEV uses extremey powerful long range laser radar to detect incoming threats and or find planets and other things at extreme distances.

Sub Light Propulsion

The NEV uses ion propulsion from 5 ion engines and air jet adjusters to propel itself through space. Within 20 minutes of travel the engines can reach their maximum output leaveing the ship at 115,000 miles per second.

Power Source

Like most Nordic vessels and the cities themselves the NEV is powered by a PS generator. A PS or Proto Star generator is a construct that houses 20 small star that are constantly provided fuel. The heat they create is used to power the ship. The system generates some 200,000,000 Kj/Ms making it an extremely effective power source.

Notable NEV's

NSS High Seas

Captain: Rivic Norsog

Type of ship: NEV

Ship dimensions: The NSS High Seas is 465 meters long 225 meters wide at the widest point and 100 meters in depth.

Ship weaponry: One Railgun

Affiliation (to an existing empire or to the captain): Nordic Federation.

Anything else we should know: The son of the Nordic Federations highest military general is the captain of the NSS High Seas. The NSS High Seas has 9 engines rather than the normal 5 allowing it to reach 125,000 miles per second within 40 minutes of travel, making it the fastest sublight ship in the Nordic Fleet.

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