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Diagram of how it works.

A mini-dimension is in a sense, a universe within a universe. However, the scale of this mini-dimension is relatively much smaller than ours (although still extremly massive when it comes to looking at it first hand). The most notable aspect of these mini-dimensions is that when you use a wormhole to access it, then go a distance in this dimension than make another wormhole in this dimension, you will appear much further away than you initially entered. The only known risks of using this method to trabel through space is the infeasibly small chance of accidently placing a wormhole in the same location of a planet, star or if you are very unlucky, blackhole.

Thankfully accurate calculations done with advanced enough instruments can much more accurately place the exiting wormhole station by using the scale of the mini-dimension in comparison to the scale of our actual dimension to avert such horrific catastrophes causes by mass depressurization of a star's core (like supenovaes and the such). This makes the risk of using this mini-dimension incredibly minute.


Unlike our own universe, gravity seems to be non-existant in these mini-dimensions. There is no light in a mini-dimension although light emitting sources work well enough due to all the particles found in this mini-dimension reflecting off the light. It is much easier to make an exiting wormhole in this mini-dimension that to make an entering wormhole thanks to the lack of gravity. However the exiting wormhole is interestingly enough 2-way. Most of the trouble with this dimension is accessing in the first place due to the insanely high energy required to even make a inter-dimensional wormhole.

Another interesting trait of these mini-dimensions is that there can be multiple mini-dimensions, and it seems there may be even smaller mini-dimensions and possibly even dimensions larger than our own. However, there is currently no known way to access these dimensions. There is no actual dangers in the mini-dimension itself due to the lack of gravity, the only dangers are the dangers of entering/exiting the dimension.

If the connection of a wormhole to a mini-dimension is somehow cut off in a forceful way, the wormhole starts to repeatably warp on to itself and create massive amounts of anti-matter which annhiliates everything in a 25-30 thousand meter radius on both sides of the worm hole. However, if the wormhole is suffienently large enough, it could even rend itself into a bundle of strangelets and decimate the entire planet/spacestation the station is located. Thankfully this can all be averted by compentent matenience.

Use by CivilizationsEdit

A good share of civilizations have discovered how these things work quite well. Place your civilization here if they have and explain the way your civilization uses them in this section!

Nordic FederationEdit

NF mini dimension drives work by charging a massive capacitor for a minute then blasting all the stored energy into the drive at once, allowing drives to be placed on any vessel, but limiting their speed capabilites.

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