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Lanarium is a natural alloy formed by chemical processes found exclusivally on Valhalla so far. Other deposits are expected to be found in similar worlds where the chemical processes that make Lanarium are present.


Lanarium by by all means a uninqe metal. It is capable of withstanding huge amounts of pressure and force without breaking, quite a jump up in strength from titanium on Earth and is also around the same weight as the element iron found on Earth. However its most astonishing properties are its ability to absord vast amounts of energy in many forms. While heat energy is actually converted into electrical energy before being stored by Lanarium Radiation energy is absorbed into the mineral, making it radioactive after being exposed to enough radiation. Electrical energy is simply stored by Lanarium, after enough build up Lanarium can become dangerous, violently dischargeing in the form of huge arcs to make way for new energy to enter the Lanarium. Energy can be extracted from Lanarium as well, making it extremely useful in many electronics.