The interceptor is a small, fast ship that is commonly used to intercept transports and in some cases double as a scout depending on who's the pilot.

A popular type of engine used is the Cyrotech engine which is a specialized engine that gets rid of heat signatures, making the interceptor much harder to detect and thus ambush much more effectively.

As they are fairly new additions to the fleet; there is only one version; that is 100m long, 30m wide, and has one main deck and the bridge on top. They are lightly armoured, and are armed with two rail turrets (which don't generate noise because space). It usually has a crew of only 20.

Said armour is, namely, 2m of solid steel plating. It is powered by a single-gigawatt reactor, and uses a standard Ion drive for propulsion. As it's so small, it has no mainframe.

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