Drake hawking was a famous Quantum Physicist and origamist most notable for discovering the Gateways that are used to access the mini void universe that can be used to travel the galaxy at a faster rate. No one really cared
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Speculative Image of Drake hawking

what Drake Hawking looked like, so the picture you see is pretty much all that is known about him appearance-wise. he was born Arpil 5th 2204, and died November 9th, 2303


Drake hawking was born in the Maryland Hospital on april 5th, 2204. His childhood was a very simple one thanks to him not being raised by his parents, but rather by nursery bots who raised the kid because Drake's Parents were rich assholes who abandoned him and would rather go see the geysers of triton than take care of some baby. Thanks to the magnetar pulse of 2205, which despite the crazies thought would destroy human civilization only caused some robots to malfunction due to a scambling in their code temporarily. The scrambled code caused the nusery bots to break Drake Hawking's legs and gave him a big book on astrophysics that the nusery bots forced him to read for 5 years straight.

Note; VERY incomplete (feel free to add to it)

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