Hiigaran battlecruiser

A destroyer class ship.

A Destroyer is the tier of ship above frigates, and below cruisers. They are one of the mainstays of the Earth Human fleets, as they are versatile and one of the most dependable ships in the fleet.

A Earth Human Destoryer is 600m long, 75m wide, and rather angular on the outside. They have three decks, and a crew of 50. They have 3m of Vanadium-steel plating as armour, and are moved by a PHASE system; which is in turn powered by two single-gigawatt reactors.

The first deck is engineering (as always), containing the drive systems and reactor. Second floor is mainly the MAC gun running down the length of the ship, but also serves as the server room and ammo stockpiles. On the outside of the second deck are point-defence lasers, as well as two rail cannons on each side. Top deck is the bridge, server area, and crew quarters.

They are equipped with a single dropship bay on the belly of the ship, have a standard-level mainframe, and can support a crew of up to 100 if they get shipments of food from the fleet's supply ships more often than usual.

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