Space cruiser 1 by MeganeRid

A Human Cruiser

Cruisers are mid-range, medium-sized warships that are usually the tier of warship directly below the Battleship. They are usually fairly heavily armed, although a bit lacking in armour.

An Earth Human cruiser is 1km lomg, 300m wide, and has seven decks. First deck is engineering and lasers, 2-5 are turrets, 6 is crew space and 7 is mainframe, bridge and the other set of lasers.

Decks 2 and 3 are each armed with 4-on-each-side 150mm howitzers, 4 is rail turrets (as well as the primary MAC gun) and 5 is 500 joule lasers. Cruisers are the largest ship to not have missiles.

They are powered by a 3-gigawatt reactor, are propelled by a phase drive, have a standard Mainframe, and are plated with 3m of Vanadium-Titanium alloy. They have a crew of 300 (THIS. IS. SAGGITARIUS!), and have no extra space for other people. They do NOT have an AI.

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