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The Black Cluster is a globular cluster with a unique dust cloud around it. The only naiton in the Black Cluster is the Nordic Federation, although multiple star systems int he cluster have proven to hold habitable planets only one is been settled, the msot habitable of all the planets in the cluster, Valhalla.

The Cluster gets its name from the strange phenomonon that hides the cluster from the rest of the galaxy. Around 9 billion years ago a supermassive star went hypernova in the cluster, actually blowing several stars out and forming a massive cloud of dust around the cluster. This has blocked it out from all telescopes. The massive and old stars that were blown out eventually went supernova as well outside of the cluster but around it, making an even thicker dust cloud.

This made many think the Cluster was a black hole, and kept many people away from it for a very long time. EVentually the Nordic Federation sent a ship to it and discovered the Black Cluster. They went into the cluster and colonized Valhalla. The Nordic Federations policy of destroying any ship that enters the cluster without hailing them or ebing expected has further lead to the idea the cluster is a black hole.

Notable Star SystemsEdit

-Valhallan Realm System: The main Nordic Feneration system it is a K class star which Valhalla orbits.

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