Human Assault Ship are fairly large ship intended for carrying as many people as possible. They are commonly lightly armed, heavily armoured; and are meant for the short-term transit of people as oppose to floating barracks.

A standard assault ship is 1500m long; 600m wide (although ships as long as over three kilometres have been constucted before). Slightly larger Assault Ships are uncommon but existent. Assault Ships commonly have 7 decks (all of which have people-storage space).

The first deck is the engines, reactor, etc; the second is all transport, the third would be all transport if there wasn't the stockpiles for the railgun turrets (usually 3 per side); and the fourth is a really small area that contains the bridge and the computer systems.


Two-gigawatt reactor

Phase drive

10m Vanadium-steel plating

Somewhat high-powered Mainframe (but not a full MEGA)

They are capable of supporting an AI, but don't normally have one (mainly because AIs are expensive, and if a Command Ship gets blown up it needs somewhere to transfer to).

Crew of 250, carries 2,000 (not including crew).

Commonly two sets of point-defence lasers (top and bottom) and six rail turrets (three left, three right).

four dropship bays, comes with two ships.

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